TMJ Exercises

TMJ is a disorder which causes dislocation between the upper and lower jaws. Little known TMJ exercises are very effective in reversing this condition.

It suffices to say that the temporamandibular joint is the in-between link between the brain skull and the jaw.

The reason behind disjointed jaws continues to be a subject under research. However, medical experts believe that continuous exposure of the jaws to stress could be the cradle of the problem. Teeth abrasion, or bruxism, while someone is asleep, has also been advanced as possible reason.

Cure For TMJ
If afflicted by this debilitating disorder, you get to experience characteristic pain whenever you attempt to open your mouth. Usually a popping sound will be heard every time you open and shut the mouth.

At times, the pain may spread to your back, neck or ear. The whole body may ache occasionally. Whenever this disorder strikes, immediate medical attention should be sought. If left untreated, it may gradually increase in intensity, from mild to chronic stage.

Lack of immediate attention to TMJ may lead to secondary ailments such as arthritis. Try to avoid stress because it provides fertile ground for this disorder to flourish. Hope is in the air though.

Basic exercising can treat and sometimes eliminate TMJ completely. Although the exercises are seemingly simple, they must be undertaken with advice from your doctor.

Successful exercises, as outlined below will go a long way in alleviating the suffering from this malady.


TMJ Exercises 1:

   - Let your chin rest on your palm.

   - Clench your fist to provide firm rest position for the chin and ensure   enough pressure is exerted.

   - Maintain the pressure while you open your mouth slowly.

   - Repeat opening and closing of the mouth at intervals of ten seconds after each break.

   - Should you notice increase in the popping sound, abandon the routine.

TMJ Exercises
TMJ Exercises


TMJ Exercises 2:

   - This requires you to place two of your fingers atop your lower teeth.

   - Press hard against your teeth as you open your mouth wide.

   - Close it again and perform repeat operations as many times as you can until ten minutes elapses.

   - Take due care while carrying out the above sequence.


TMJ Exercises 3:

There is another cheap but effective sequence.

  - Place the tip of your tongue underneath the upper roof of your mouth.

  - Do this before you open the mouth.

  - Keep it in position and slowly but steady open the mouth to maximum.
  - Close it again and repeat the sequence severally.

  - Every time, maintain the position and pressure on your jaw-tongue contact.


TMJ Exercises 4:

   - Press your jaw on the right and left sides, with your fingers.

   - Apply equivalent force on each side, as if to align them using a clamp. This is meant to achieve alignment of the jaws.

   - As many times as comfortably possible, open and close the mouth.

   - Should you feel pain, then you should terminate the exercise.


At this juncture, you should appreciate that some simple TMJ exercises are easy to accomplish.

All of them may be administered while at home.
However, it is always important to seek professional advice from the relevant medical practitioners. Consult one to provide you with proper direction.

Advanced exercises also exist but can only be executed with the correct advice for your own particular TMJ symptoms from your doctor.